It Is Dangerous To Run To Go Downstairs

We heard such a story: there is IT Dr. to find a job. He did not like the other candidates to show own fruitful certificate out, but acceptance of appointment with a high school diploma. He applied successfully. Soon after, the company’s computer is failure, and no one can solve, so that he volunteered to the manager. At first, the manager began also cannot believe this petition in the high school graduates, after all, the undergraduates of company cannot resolve. But let other companies to handle was really trouble, so that the manager let him do.


Unexpectedly, he solved it after a few minutes. The manager decided to praise him and raise salary, but he took out the undergraduate certificate and said that he just did the thing what he has to do. Later, a large number of IT company’s server was attacked by hackers include their company network was suffered. The company invited a local well-known engineer, but the engineer cannot do anything. At this time, he asked the manager to let him try. He checked and analysis carefully after a day, he solved the engineering problems. The company decided to praise this staff, but at this time he took out his doctoral certificate.


This story has been deep into the minds of a lot of candidates, but if we really do this, can we achieve the unusual success like the Dr.? This is just one example, at first, we are regardless of Dr’s behavior and this company’s culture of innovation, for most companies, this kind of recruitment methods are not practical.


At first, as the candidates, you should have the confidence! This is not only conducive to the social climate, but also is a manifestation of the human dignity of the candidates. There was a saying in community: some manual workers are catch up with the mental. Just as no nation, the country can accept the knowledge Useless shelling, high intellectuals there is no need to “ran down the stairs” to candidates dangerous! In fact, in modern society, many people cannot help doing nothing. They have to rely on the relationship to get achievement.


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