It does not take long, the senior commander had in mind.


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Her aide did not refute her judgments. Hadelisuo severance Dai-ni, and then returned to her residence. In addition to the room mats and copy the necessary tools no furniture. She also used as a bed but a larger and more thick mats. And some of the different officers, Hadelisha never pardon himself, as she and the soldiers slept.

It does not take long . Flying in the past before long. She was quite happy. Susan Curtis will be that she is worried about general things and begin to solve.

Nevertheless, Hadelisuo know that they need more additional outposts. Tired commander lying on her couch, began to calculate how best to force men available. This allows her heart to further calm down. Other hand the letter to the generals, and her plans in order, if the courage to instigate a new tribal offensive, they will get a terrible surprise. As long as they disrupted plans in advance, orcs simply cause for concern.

Hadelisuo satisfied with their plan, they rush through the rest to ease the pain of the eyes, so she finally fell asleep in peace.
Messenger showing a hint of a smile. At the moment, she and Hippogryph is soaring over the woods. They have in-depth Night Elf territory, while the rider and the horse knows that swept trees flight to save time. to Hadelisuo promised, they will report as soon as possible to Darnassus. She and Storm are bent to achieve this commitment.Moreover, they can not afford another partner in the hearts of bad reputation.

Hippogryph powerful wings beat hard. Several miles instant left behind,  her partner to decide the time and place of rest; experienced riders will not be that they are more than Hippogryph own situation more clearly.

He could feel the cool breeze of the night elves feel so relaxed and happy, and she knew the storm as well. staring landscape below, change the decision about the direction of flight, so that might even further reduce the flight time. She Hippogryph broad solid neck gently patted the left side, and the horse with a series of touch to convey her thoughts. This means hard in the wind than the propaganda much easier.

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