Is the Walnut Powder Safe to Children

Expect for rice noodles, more businesses launched “walnut powder” for young children. The price of this product which claimed to contain “walnuts” is more expensive than ordinary products, but according to supermarkets and baby products store sales said that marked with “Walnut” product is better to sell. Among many infants rice, in the name of the label has “Walnut” word, such as “carrot walnut milk rice”, “yolk walnut rice”, “rice seeds walnut”, “walnut nutrition rice” and so on.


As processed foods, the same name with different contents is very common. Such as walnut powder, it may be polished into a powder or it may add a little rice dextrin walnut powder and other raw materials. The latter is just “borrowing the name of walnut,” so it does not matter much with walnut.


Walnut is a very high nutrient density food. Under the same premise to intake the calorie, it is will be more favorable for cardiovascular health and weight control. Whether adults or children are, walnuts are good food. But from walnut to walnut powder, it should go through the grinding process heating. In these processes, the unsaturated fat prone to oxidation, antioxidants oxidation will occur, so that its nutritional value is reduced. Moreover, in order to improve the flavor and taste, walnut powder may also be added dextrin or sugar and other ingredients, it reduces the “nutrient density”, so relatively speaking, directly eating walnuts is a better choice.


Parents want to their kids smarter and perfect, so many parents give their children to eat a lot of walnuts.


Indeed, walnuts contain unsaturated fats, dietary fiber, B vitamins and antioxidants. These are good nutrients, as part of the recipe is a good choice. But many people believe that walnuts could supply nutrition to “brain”, mainly from the “order form fill-shaped” legend, but this is actually an aspiration.


Meanwhile, for infants, the main nutrition should come from milk. Even if they begin to eat the dietary supplement after six months, also remains the main source of nutrition is milk. The children who are over one year old, they already can eat regular food. The main nutrients should come from conventional foods.


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