Is the Astringent Necessary to Skin Care

Cleaning, astringent and moisturizing have the close relationship. They are the most basic elements to create beautiful skin.


Secret: The astringent is not just a bottle of water, it can give the skin to re-do a healthy soft conditioning, and then help the effective absorption of the subsequent maintenance of components.


Astringent can sterilize and condition the skin’s pH, conditioning cumulative damage for skin from tap water (hard water), and at the end to remove residual grease, make-up and tap the metal chloride.


The lotion color will cause allergy culprit


Secret: not a color of skin care products are the primary colors, because all of the ingredients has its own color, when they are deployed together, the impossible is pretty white or pink, so you must add pigment so the color of the product is more unified, but the pigment used in the regular companies should all be after the relevant departments of inspection.


Currently proven will be sensitized dye only tar dyes and D & C red dye.


Make-up water in the end should be slapped with a cotton pad or?


Secret: a cotton pad and advantages can take care of every inch of skin and the face of the dead, you can check the face whether residual makeup and dander. Lotion on a cotton sheet is still enough, incidentally, the maintenance of the neck, chest and arms. Shortcomings if the force is too heavy or poor quality cotton sheet will hurt the skin.


Hand shot to send the advantages of hands pat the skin, helps the skin to absorb nutrients effectively, this direct contact with the skin feeling very cordial. Shortcomings cannot take into account every inch of your skin and check skin cleanliness, the amount is not necessarily less

Oil control lotion in the end is good for the skin


Secret: oil control lotion is not suitable for long-term use; it will change the state of the skin’s natural balance of water and oil


Lotion should be all year round with the same


In fact, not only in the season when, at any time when the conditions change skin should be used interchangeably corresponding efficacy of make-up water.


Secret: winter or dry environment can use moisturizing lotion; vegetable convergence the more exuberant summer or oil can be used lotion; whitening or hypoallergenic lotion can be used in the fall and spring.


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