Is it necessary for a lady to buy over one bag?

Before you continue to read my article, ask yourself the question, “Is it necessary for a lady to buy over one bag?” Have you gotten an answer to the question? OK, now let me guess your answer. Most of the people would say yes, so do I. Why? Let me break the details to you. First, it’s too dull to take one same bag day after day. Think about it. Is that neighbor or colleague who carries the same bag everyday being considered by you as too dull? Second, the bag that fits for summer may not fit for winter. Summer bags usually feature a bright and fresh sense while those fitted for winter always bring a sense of warm and deep. Third, the bag for daily wear should be different for the one for work. You could bring a colorful bag when you go out with friends but not the same case when you are going for work. Forth, the use of large bag is totally different from that of the small one. A large bag could accommodate lots of stuff, including your umbrella, your back-up clothes or even your note book, while those small ones are just for holding your cell phone, your lipstick and your keys. Fifth, the bag that fits for party is not necessary suited to be carried during the travel. The bag for party is always small and elegant while the one for travel is better to be large and casual. You see? There are tons of reasons for a lady to buy more than one bag. Don’t tell me you have only one bag. Ha!  
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