Is Driving With Colds More Dangerous than Drinking Driving

Once there was such saying, distracting during driving more easily have an accident than drunk driving. Well, what is the hazard of driving with colds? Some research confirmed that if a person suffering from a cold and he insist on driving, this time he could not help sneeze, so it may cause a car crash tragedy.


After long-term monitoring, British disease medical experts concluded that: compared with the risk of drinking driving vehicles, the risk of driving a vehicle with colds is greater. A British official authority studies have shown that people suffering from the cold, especially influenza, the action force will be very much constrained, and even is the equivalent of the ability to respond to drink 8 liters of beer. The experts involved in the study said, through the detection of influenza patients found that, compared with the normal human, the time of their reaction to image is 57 times longer. The test results show that a healthy driver after drinking a liter of beer, and its ability to respond is 5 to 10 times longer than normal people.


As we all know, during driving vehicles, regardless of what the road conditions, drivers must concentrate on. It is particularly important to ensure the safety of vehicles traveling. However, a sneeze while driving of cold sufferers will let their hands and feet and the vehicle lose control. People owning some common sense all know, people sneezing usually takes 10 to 15 seconds. If the car traveling speed is 50 km/h, what kind of situation it will be? After sneezing, the car has been moving forward for 140 to 200 meters. More dangerous factor is yet to come. As long as you look carefully, you will find that when sneezing, people will open mouth and eyes in the closed state. In this process, the driver’s vision, hearing and thinking is in a blank state, hands and feet are out of control, so traffic accidents can happen at any time.


Moreover, health experts pointed out that, if the cold patients fever, their head will appear weak and drowsy condition due to the insufficiency blood-supply; In addition, drivers’ capacity of distinguishing color and ranging will decrease. Germany had such statics, in the traffic accidents; there are 11% because of drivers taking sedative drugs. According to the British data, compared with the normal driver, the traffic accidents caused by taking sedative and antihistamine are 5 times more than normal.


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