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The integrated camera is now specifically refers to the optical zoom and auto focus lens built-in integrated ip camera. Compared with the bolt, one movement, precision and technology is much higher, one machine of the era of analog control movement are Korean and Japanese companies (such as Samsung, Hitachi, Sony, etc.) monopoly.

In recent years, with the IP high-definition technology development, the few considerable R & D capabilities of the enterprise has mastered the core technology of high-definition one movement, such as Epps as Hikvision, Dahua, Onyx, Digital, etc. . As the player combination with high precision, R & D of high production costs, so the current market price of your high-definition network machine. HD machine used for the safe city, road monitoring, airports, squares and other places.

Compared with the traditional gun-camera, integrated camera integrated high volume of small, beautiful, very simple to install. The same time, high-definition network one can zoom, focus and iris control through the network, once installed almost do not need to live post maintenance. In addition, high-definition network camera integration higher definition monitor a wider range, no additional optional HD lenses, comprehensive cost.

Compared with the bolt and other common models, the characteristics of the integrated camera is mainly reflected in the auto-focus, the image screen to keep clear. So, what is auto-focus? In short, the auto-focus that is through the camera auto-focus algorithm to detect image the location of the object surface, and in accordance with its focus on the Box IP Camera image sensor to automatically adjust the lens focus motor, so that back and forth more to achieve the zoom control of the whole auto-focus, image in the zoom process to stay clear. As a result, the maintenance of traditional bolt run focus and manual focus era will be gone.

The zoom control and autnology to improve ring efficiency, need to re-focus when themonito image frame changes (if any objects move or zoom control), auto-focus o-focus techlens can automatically perform the focusing operation, so that the screen always keep the focus clear and accurate images. For example, we control the zoom lens so that the characters in the picture the scene from far and near, the auto-focus algorithm will continue to analyze the current screen and a lens autofocus command, the characters in the picture always keep the focus clear. If the integrated camera is installed in the head, the same can complete the auto-focus PTZ operation. Autofocus main technical problems to improve focus speed and accuracy, and precision will affect the results of the post-image processing. Subject shooting distance from the moment the scene changes, fast focusing is necessary to improve focus speed, depending on the choice of focusing evaluation function. Focusing evaluation function used to measure the image focus or not. Based auto-focus image processing algorithm used in focusing evaluation function of the type generally are: gray-scale gradient function, information science function, a function of the frequency domain, statistical functions, and so on. Calculus gradient transform the image, the image edge enhancement processing, the focus images more clearly with the evaluation function value of the defocus image, increase the sensitivity of the accurate focusing. The method is a Security Camera integration more kind.

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