Introduction for Glasses of Ten Brands

As more and more people have to wear glasses due to poor eye sight, glasses have become a kind of indispensable daily item for them. Naturally, how to select excellent glasses with reasonable price as well as great quality is quite necessary and important. Here introduce ten famous brands of glasses as reference.         Formosa. Formosa comes from Taiwan and the company has become the largest Chinese glasses chain group in the world. ERP system of Formosa contains two parts including back ERP and my SAP Retail. By the year 2008, the company had possessed 1,123 chain shops in China and 633 of them were located at the mainland with more than 7,100 staff. Although leaders of Formosa have made great achievement, they are trying to do better.   Prada. Prada not only provides luxurious clothes, bags, cosmetics and belts etc but also produces high quality glasses. Prada has obtained the sole patent for its glasses legs which could give people much comfort. Asymmetric lenses and frames create light weight of glasses. Prada group has been in charge of Prada, Jil Sander, Helmut Land, Church & Co and other brands.   Acuvue Define. The brand first appeared in South Korea. As a large number of women like the model, it becomes popular in South Korea, Japan, China and Europe and The United States quite soon. Acuvue Define is specially designed for Asians and it doesn’t touch eyes directly so it is safe. In addition, the glasses can protect eyes from being hurt by UV.   Hydron. Hydron originates from America and it entered into Chinese market in 1985. The company is the first one which gains the patent for manufacturing glasses in centrifugal casting method and the first which, as a professional foreign enterprise, enters into soft contact lenses market of China. In 2008, the company donated much money to Sichuan where serious earthquake occurred.   Oakley. In 1975, Jim Jannard opened a way for Oakley in the world. The brand combines comfort, practicability and artistry of its glasses. Both design and materials of glasses have been inspected by advanced technology as well as equipment.   Doctor. Shenzhen Doctor Glasses Company was founded in 1993 and it is the largest glasses chain shop in Shenzhen. Moreover, there are more than 180 shops distributed in other regions.   Judith Leiber. Judith Leiber is a famous brand in Hungary and its bags in unique style have attracted many people’s attention. Actually, glasses of the brand were introduced to the market in the year 1946. Glasses’ various pictures made of diamond, crystal, agate and pearl give people different feelings.   Chanel. All glasses of Chanel are made of durable materials in high hardness. Colors of Chanel glasses can not easily fade away. Lenses of glasses could thoroughly prevent eyes from being hurt by UV.   Yvessaint Laurent. The brand is created by Yves Saint Laurent who comes from Algeria. Glasses designed by Yves Saint Laurent are combined with art as well as cultural elements. Glasses of the brand can be considered as the best choice for successful people.   Dior. Dior could offer various styles of glasses which are fashionable and forward. The frame of Dior glasses is simple but it can give people a different feeling.

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