Intelligent surveillance video of the application in different industries

Current, intelligent video analysis technology, more and more the attention of the security sector, many of these projects has already begun the application of intelligent video analytics capabilities. So, the intelligent video industry What are the different demand characteristics? HD monitoring camera intelligent video analysis and non-high-definition intelligent video analysis technology What’s the difference? What are the requirements of the equipment?

Intelligent video analysis applications can be divided into public security law enforcement and security classes, cultural classes, the tobacco industry category. Class of law enforcement will be more focused on pattern recognition, such as license plate recognition, face recognition; safety class will focus on the monitoring of the retrograde, the illegal invasion, the crowd, slipping, the remnants of detection; Fair class focuses on items custody and security and surveillance, the object is lost, taken away, wandering alarm retrograde

Ip Video Monitoring as well as special channel, but also statistics on the number of personnel density monitoring; tobacco industrial applications biased in favor of behavior analysis, such as the remnants of the disabled area detection, combined with a special performance of production equipment failure diagnostics. High-definition intelligent and non-high-definition intelligent in the basic algorithm using the same principle. HD algorithm needs to provide more computing power to carry out the analysis. , Behavioral analysis class, CIF resolution is sufficient, when the input is high-definition video, the first pixel cropping after; for the class of pattern recognition, high-definition video to be used for analysis in order to obtain more accurate results.

Intelligent video analytics capabilities can be achieved for almost all applications are mainly for people, vehicles, objects, three aspects, Beijing Wen’an, depending on the specific application it is divided into three categories: 1, public safety and prevention classes. It contains the trajectory of the moving target tracking, the moving target range, the direction of the moving target, special human behavior, special vehicle behavior monitoring, it is more prominent feature is a timely warning against the suspected abnormal events. 2, the statistical analysis of data classes. Typical examples such as traffic statistics, traffic statistics class applications. This type of application is relatively independent to the data output for the final result, and many more different types of data reports to assist management decision-making. 3, intelligent traffic monitoring class. Typical, such as license plate recognition, red light running illegal surveillance, transportation of illegal monitoring, this type of application for vehicle analysis, relatively mature application case is also more common.

In addition, Beijing Wen’an combined with the status quo of the domestic
Video Surveillance, and targeted developed specifically for the video image quality of applications, by monitoring the signal quality of each video image on the video image video loss, snowflakes, scroll, blur, color cast, screen freeze, gain imbalance, and other common camera failures to make accurate judgments, timely help users found that the failure of the front-end video quality of the ip camera, effectively control the operation of the front-end equipment to ensure that monitoring the normal operation of the system.

Different industry generally has a very obvious difference between the demand for video surveillance, especially the demand for intelligent video analysis technology, which also decided to detect the type of behavior among different industry sectors and the particularity of the unusual event. For example, in a safe city for the city public security emergencies, specifically developed to fight, robbery, climbing behavior analysis function. Bank ATM self-service area, through the analysis of the current ATM self-service areas of criminal means, such as illegal paste a small piece of paper, install the fake keyboard, masked, robbery with violence and other acts analysis. Can be achieved in the transport sector, traffic incident such as retrograde, illegal parking, traffic congestion, the police more features. Only a combination of industrial applications the actual depth understanding of the specific problems of different industries in order to better grasp the needs of users, to implement the function of intelligent video analysis technology to the application at the real, which is the intelligent video analysis technology industries of the future value of the ultimate expression of .

For intelligent
Video Surveillance analysis solutions for different industries have different emphases. Prison, for example, to prevent prisoner escape and gang fights and incidents, the need for perimeter and crowd is more prominent, mainly to resolve the two issues, and some airport staff mobility is relatively large in public places said demand for the detection of abandoned objects and wandering detection, to prevent the explosion of dangerous goods and suspicious persons to carry out criminal acts.

For nuclear power plants, oil fields, power grids and other places, usually in remote areas, the flow of people, but the perimeter security needs, if someone close to you need to attract a warning perimeter defense needs.

For the purposes of Video Surveillance Camera
images more clear, the details of the more obvious the higher the accuracy of the viewing experience better, and intelligence applications business, image clarity is the eternal pursuit of video surveillance. The video resolution is low, causing great difficulty to find valuable clues to the monitoring personnel, the use of high-definition video technology to provide high-definition, high-quality video source contains a wealth of complete information, to improve the intelligent video analysis accuracy, to avoid the lost scenes problems and the amount of information. In this respect, video smart analysis is based on high-definition as a precondition, so the intelligent video analysis requirements on the front of the
Outdoor IP Camera clarity is relatively high, high definition means that the storage pressure increases, the corresponding back-end storage devices stability and the capacity of certain requirements.

HD monitoring intelligent video analysis and non-high-definition intelligent video analysis technology is not much difference, but the consequences are completely different. HD monitoring can improve the efficiency of intelligent video analysis, to obtain more information from the video. For example, human faces and license plate recognition, image for more details, pictures and video that can improve the recognition rate and can provide more convincing.

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