Intel May Turn to ARM Architecture Once Acquiring NVIDIA

Recently, it is said that Intel will acquire NVIDIA. After the acquisition, Jen-Hsun Huang, the responsible person of NVIDIA, will be in charge of Intel’s mobile chip business and may even serve as Intel’s CEO. Half a months ago, Otellinileft, who has served as Intel’s CEO for 7 years.


NVIDIA’s share price performance now is lower than the performance and will become the best period for Intel’s acquisition. Compared to 2011, NVIDIA’s share price has fallen by nearly 45%, while the performance is well. In the third quarter of this year, NVIDIA’s revenue grew by 12.9% and the net profit rose by 17.3%.


Some analysts believed that, after the acquisition of NVIDIA, Intel, in addition to the reinforcement in the image processing capabilities, will also gain market share in tablet PC and mobile phone by NVIDIA’s Tegra chips based on ARM architecture. Currently, Tegra is a strong competitor of Qualcomm and MediaTek. In addition to financial support for NVIDIA, Intel can also bring manufacturing capacity to NVIDIA, allowing the latter to get rid of the shackles of TSMC and other chip manufacturers.


Once the deal is made, Intel will no longer blindly adhere to the X86 architecture and will turn to the ARM architecture.


Previously, due to AMD containing Intel in the PC market, Intel, in order to invest core resources in the PC area, in 2006 sold ARM-based XScale processor with a price of 600 million U.S. dollars.


And now, in view of ARM architecture’s low power consumption, low cost and open advantages as well as industrial scale in the field of mobile chips, Intel has to reconsider the question of whether returning to ARM.


Intel has always been stressing its computing power and technological advantages in the field of mobile chips. Managing Director of Intel China Huang Jie said they have released Atom Z2480 processor based on the X86 architecture is equivalent to computing performance of a quad-core Qualcomm chip.


However, Scott Thompson, former Intel executive, said that Intel has a good engineering team, but the problem is that its direction is not in accordance with cost benefits for the mobile field.


According to some ideas, the price of Atom series starts at $ 42, about $ 20 higher when compared to most of the SoC chip for smartphones (System on a Chip).


But Intel has planned to develop SoC chip. In order to enhance the computing power, Intel also considers introducing “3D transistor technology” into the SoC chip in the future.


However, whether the above transactions can be achieved depends on Microsoft’s attitude.


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