Insomnia Is Not Good To the Human Body

For insomnia people, if they could have a nice sleep, it is very difficult to them. Experts suggest that patients should pay attention to grasp the good treatment time and choose a regular hospital to treat. Do not lose the greater because of the small to delay own health.



Hurt energy

Sleep is relax to release own body. At this time, the breathing of body become deeper and slower, and all the parts of body are having a rest, but the metabolism does not stop, thus ensuring that the synthesis of brain tissue protein and supplement of depleting substances, which make the nervous system achieve the normal level and the heart rate drop sterility to accumulate strength for the next day’s activities. So the insomnia could not achieve the effect.


Hurt life

Sleep accounted for one-third of the human life time. Only if people have enough time to have a sleep, the body could also have a good sleep. This is a very simple and common sense.


Hurt spirit

Insomnia people could not be understood by the human. One part of people could not be understood because of they are insomnia for a long time, so that they are easy to appear the anxiety and depression symptoms. If this situation is not understood by people, it will give patients psychological pressure to aggravate the condition. The insomnia patients could not find the method to seek for the doctor. Many patients and doctors are not paid enough attention to; they also choose the sleeping pills to treat by themselves.


Lead to obesity

Insomnia can lead to the decline of the human body eliminate lipoprotein concentrations. Elimination lipoprotein is a substance to active in the blood system to keep a food appetite functions. It is possible to affect the brain to make the decision whether eat or not. Insomnia can cause the rise of the appetite hormone concentration in the human body. Appetite hormones can cause a person’s desire to eat. When the parts of brain to control appetite hormones, the brain will occurs confusion. The insomnia group of insulin in the body cannot properly let glucose metabolism, and it will lead to obesity.


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