Infrared surveillance cameras on the selection of seven most important factor

Since security industry in China is developing very rapidly, and from a single pattern to now a wide variety of surveillance cameras, including infrared surveillance cameras development is particularly significant, users in the selection of infrared ip camera to compare, prudent choice. Introduce the infrared camera on the selection of seven note points.

Key points: the selection of

ip camera: can’t and ordinary color camera Shared, it cannot feel infrared lamp, should choose the black and white camera or special color camera (automatic induction infrared, color black and white automatic switching). Cameras have automatic electronic shutter functions, AGC automatic gain control function, lens automatic aperture, so as to adapt to the change of a day and night illumination, infrared lamp to voltage has the strict request should try to choose 24 v ac or dc one-on-one regulated power supply, outdoor light is multifarious, and outdoor than indoor should choose irradiation distance larger the effect will be better.Point two: explosion-proof infrared lamp: selects high strength material is made to protection general external force damage infrared lamp.

Point three: infrared lamp red storm: there are red storm refers to the infrared lamp has visible red, no red wild instead.Point four: with the rapid development of infrared night vision system, infrared lamp production supply manufacturers will increase, but the red light products are not like some people think that easy, in technology, testing instrument equipment conditions are different, the user use infrared lamp first to read instructions, especially to ensure personal safety equipment of the matters needing attention. In front of the check about compatibility would meet the requirements, should take into account the shadow ring factors to consider, if not meet the requirements, can adjust the equipment. Users shall not presumptuously raise the power supply voltage, because the infrared lamp in the design, not only consider the irradiance fully, and considering the safety and reliability. Improve the power supply voltage, the likelihood makes infrared lamp burned, more should not be changed without authorization and infrared lamp. If so, manufacturers may no longer responsible for maintenance. If infrared lamp problems, should with the manufacturers or contact the supplier.Point five: infrared lamp red storm: there are red storm refers to the infrared lamp has visible red, no red wild instead.

Points 6: infrared lamp, in choosing infrared lamp irradiation distance leave some leeway. Shield to infrared lamp effect also have influence, infrared light in the transmission process, through the different medium, transmittance and reflectance is also different. Different window glass, especially automatic defrost coated glass, the infrared attenuation is also different. Animation and may reflection infrared, leading to image a piece of white or have aperture.

Points 7: infrared lamp wavelength on the effects of infrared lamp: wavelength is long, red storm is small, even can achieve full no red storm, but, infrared light efficiency is low, infrared lamp fever is higher.Through the above seven points, we can more convenient sort out their own model in engineering installation will be more convenient.


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