Infrared night vision cameras across three remote monitoring barriers

Security market confusion, different standards of surveillance ip dome camera is not something new. Previously, users in the purchase of surveillance cameras, night vision effect is often ignored, with the gradual improvement of people’s security awareness, monitoring requirements also will be increased monitoring of good and bad night vision, often determines the user’s purchasing needs.

Reason why night vision surveillance can be achieved, infrared lamps credit; infrared light outward diffusion of infrared Dome IP Cameraphotosensitive components, CCD or CMOS receiver into electrical signals and then processed into an image. In general, infrared light or infrared emission of the LED lights, play a complementary role of a light source for night surveillance. In the home monitoring system, how to properly play the role of infrared light, how to avoid errors in the time of purchase. Especially after the full-screen white or blurred, how to solve?

Under normal circumstances, resulting in blurred the effect of infrared ip camera mainly by four factors: the video cable is too long, the signal attenuation is too large; supply line is too long, insufficient power supply voltage; light interference, affecting the camera imaging; manufacturers vacuity, components insufficient performance. Whether these factors will affect the remote night vision surveillance, we look down.

Manufacturers vacuity camera performance reference is not uniform

Infrared Surveillance Camera, distance and there are obvious differences in visual distance. Found that distance with infrared light, according to the distance of the emitted infrared light to reach the distance from a few meters to hundreds of meters or even several kilometers; visible at night from the monitor can see the clear effective maximum distance, due to the surrounding environment, surveillance cameras, cabling, etc., there will be different results.

Some manufacturers use the user would like to see a clear “night vision” to capture the effect, “intentionally” in the security network camera cameras night vision parameters of the standard foot 200 m, 500 m data. Night vision effect in accordance with the infrared light, in the case of the good, the visual infrared monitor the distance it is difficult to break through the 150 meters, this mark. Thus, for remote night vision surveillance, infrared light may limit its development.

Long-distance transmission power signal to the force

The infrared night vision surveillance has a very demanding requirements for signal transmission and power supply. The video cable is too long, the total control distance, signal attenuation are unable to provide the drawbacks of long-range night vision surveillance. Observant users will find, if you want to provide good night vision, usually surveillance WiFi IP Camera, an external 12V power supply, which is not only a surveillance camera work and, more importantly, provide a good infrared effect at close range Power support. Thus, for remote night vision surveillance, video cable and power supply systems may become insurmountable gap.

Surveillance cameras do not need to “mix and match” wind

The past two years, the fashion industry more and more “mix and match” style, and for surveillance cameras, the effect of “mashups” may not be able to achieve the effect you want. “Perfect match” principle, we know, simply put, the components of the surveillance Network Camera are also Gordon


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