Information About Thai Airways That Could Help You

As one of Asia’s leading airlines, Thai Airways which has been flying for fifty years continues to be a favored airline. A high level of service and comfort is provided to those who travel for business or pleasure on Thai Airways to Thailand and other destinations in Southeast Asia.

There are some special benefits to consider that come with Thai Airways because they are a founding member of the Star Alliance. By flying with the member airlines, you will be able to accumulate travel miles faster in the frequent flyer program. Say for example you want to take a trip to Bangkok on Thai Airways, but your starting point is New York. Since the closest city Thai Airways flies out of is Los Angeles, you could take an airline that’s also a member of the Star Alliance, such as United, from NY to LA. Although they are two different airlines, you would be able to accumulate frequent flyer miles on both. You can make up to 15 stopovers all over the world and save quite a bit of money on regular fares by using the Round the World Fare offered by Star Alliance.

As a global airline, Thai Airways which is based in Bangkok, Thailand offers service to a large number of international destinations. You can go just about anywhere you want in the world with Thai Airways as they offer flights to over 70 cities on five different continents. Thai Airways only offers flights out of Los Angeles in the U.S. so you would have to catch the flight there if starting out in the U.S. However it isn’t difficult to get to Los Angeles if you live elsewhere in the U.S.

Thai Airways service includes 7 cities in China, 14 in the Indian subcontinent and 13 European cities. It creates a convenient bridge between Thailand and Australia because it has frequent flights between those two countries.

Thai Airways is doing everything it can to meet the needs of the increasing number business travelers going to Thailand and other destinations in Asia. Before you even get on the plane, you will benefit from their business class which is called Royal Silk Class. There are special lounges and even shoulder or foot massages that you can enjoy while waiting for your flight. Flying with Thai Airways is something to consider, especially if a trip to Thailand has always been something you wanted to do. This airline can take you to many cities in other Asian countries, as well as New Zealand and Australia, so you have many choices. If Thai Airways sounds appealing to you, why not check out their website and find out more about this award-winning airline?

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