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rule. Mullah Omar’s first public explanation of the Taliban’s mission was that it had arisen to restore peace, provide security to the wayfarer and protect the honour of women and the poor. No explicit mention was made of jihad and, indeed, it could not have been until the Taliban had acquired the critical mass needed to present themslves as a popular force for change. But jihad had become something of a hackneyed concept even to Afghans after the events of 1992, when a government of bloodstained communists which, nevertheless, possessed some of the legitimacy nike shox shoes required in the traditional leadership equation, was replaced by cheap nike air max 90 home-grown Islamists with talents for little more than libertinism. The impulse had been hijacked once by the West in a war against the Soviet Union that entailed over a million Afghan deaths. But for all its violence, the Soviet invasion was a footnote in the history of Afghan jihad, confirmation merely that the countryside’s worst fears of urban politicians had been true. Holy war had been declared one year prior to Moscow’s Mission to Cleanse 51 involvement, when the Khalq faction Air Jordan of the Afghan communist party tried to subdue the three Omegas of rural Pashtun society – zan (women), zar (gold) and zamin (land)9 – by stripping women of the veil and imposing literacy and land reform. The response was jihad, the countryside’s sole intervention in the civil war which smouldered between Khalq and Parcham and the nearest thing, in Afghan terms, to a referendum. To invoke the word after 1992 was to risk scepticism or the stink of blasphemy. Jamiat fighters, slain during the siege of Kabul, were eulogised by the Rabbani government as having embraced shahadat Cheap nike shoes but, in truth, their body parts had simply been blown away. Even Hekmatyar exploited the word: he declared a jihad against the Taliban after his resumption of prime ministerial powers in mid-1996, vindicating the claim with the short-lived crackdown on women’s rights and secular amusements which preceded the fall of Kabul.10 Mohammed Omar used the term more cautiously. He did not resort to calling a jihad until October 1996, and it was not against Rabbani’s retreating forces, but General Rashid Dostum, whose dyed-in-the-wool post-communism marked him as a less ambiguous theological Nike Max adversary.11 The Mullah’s protestations that the Taliban was a wholly indigenous movement, free from Pakistani influence, formed part of the political shorthand which had arisen following the disillusionment of 1992. Any jihad with proven foreign support was condemned nike air max women , in Afghan eyes, to the fate of its predecessor. All parties to the denouement of the Rabbani episode enjoyed the backing of outside powers, but none could own to it for fear of the legitimacy principle which dictated that Cheap Boot
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