In today’s world, the development trend of intelligent surveillance camera technology

Based on the development of intelligent video analysis technology research manufacturers for decades in commercial applications to keep trying, intelligent security monitoring camera the following trends.

From the flexible application of the modular design, the user inputs for video surveillance systems increase application and deepening dependence, a single function or feature has been far can not meet industry demand for a particular user, perimeter, abnormal behavior analysis, dynamic tracking and other advanced features of the breakdown of the module will be further applications of video surveillance systems will demand flexible to expand through intelligent modular. The solution will provide a set of intelligent industrial applications is the main direction of development of intelligent video analysis technology.

For example, the construction of the security
surveillance camera system for security, but now there are more customers in the course of more and more attention to the needs of management. In the finance and banking. Banking monitoring need to be resolved, the surface is the sharpness of the image is actually the ultimate aim is to achieve real reduction on face recognition and on-site. Bank monitoring system is needed most reliable face recognition function. ATM machines, banks In addition to the need to know the identity of the depositor, but also the need to protect expensive teller machine equipment as soon as possible to eliminate some of the fraud. Block the recognition of human face, a special action recognition (trailing, adhesive plasters, etc.) function is very suitable for large scale ATM machines. In the operating points, video surveillance, on the one hand, in order to protect the bank safe, it can also record business financial operation in order to produce financial disputes (such as: point the wrong money, found counterfeit money), can be monitored by video tracking and identified which aspects of the error.

From a technical perspective, the real market in order to enhance the application of intelligent video analysis technology, making intelligent video surveillance analysis products. Vendor of intelligent video analysis to improve the core algorithm at the same time, the inevitable will be the development of the following directions: First, to adapt to more complex and varied scene; yes, identify and analyze the behavior and abnormal events; third, more low cost, four, more flexible product form. With the increasingly complex video surveillance needs, how to identify and analyze more behavior to become intelligent video had to face in the deepening of industry applications. Only a combination of actual industrial applications, in-depth understanding of various industry specific issues in order to better grasp the needs of users, to implement the function of intelligent video analysis technology to the application at the real, which is the intelligent video analysis technology in the future value of industrialization final reflected.

Safe City project in other areas, such as high-definition, users not only want the system to provide a basis for detecting them, the public security and hope for the government’s emergency command, disaster relief, environmental protection department of sewage detection to a variety of business applications; education sector in addition to the campus security,
video surveillance camera, but also hope that the system electronic examination room management, remote education; video surveillance of the transportation industry, not only for traffic violations, but also for traffic congestion broadcast traffic flow monitoring; insurance claims industry will be video monitoring system for the application of remote set loss.

Of course, intelligent monitoring, high-definition intelligent network camera is certainly indispensable, market demand is the development of the industry’s largest booster, intelligent monitoring is destined to become the mainstream of the surveillance market. I believe, after repeated trial and experience accumulated in the market and technology co-operation will continue to meet the subdivision requirements of the industry to achieve the flexible application of the standard configuration and modules, and continuously improve the universality of technology and adaptation to specific environmental , products and services customized for the needs of customers of various industries

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