In This Post We Will Be Taking An Insiders Glance At The Passive Profits System

I am certain you have observed that every single day a brand new and amazing product is being released to show individuals how to make money on the Internet. If you have ever ordered any of them you are already aware that 95% of these products are just crap. Don’t misunderstand me you can find some great programs and software that can help you to generate money online. But over all men and women seem to just be taking advantage of those who find themselves trying to make some extra money on the Internet. Anyhow, in the following paragraphs we will be taking a look at the brand new program called the Instant Passive Profits.

When you first reach the website all you see is a video of a guy informing you that this product works, big surprise huh. The page is quite plain, as there is no written content on the page other than the video. As you view the video you may trust that the guy on the video is really telling you the truth. In the video clip he goes on about all the men and women online that never tell you what their product or service is or how it works. By the end of the movie you will realize that he does the very same thing, you have no clue what the product is or what it does. He does however provide you with a short look at the software, and he shows himself making use of it which takes about 20 seconds and your lead to believe that is all there is to it.

At this point, lets get to the real truth of the program. I buy all the new programs that come out to see if they truly work or not, and then I let people know if the program is worth the cash. Well, once I purchased the program and went through about 10 to 15 more, up sell pages I at long last got to the program. And I am sure you have already guessed, but I made a decision to pass on all of the up sells.

Now the “incredible” software itself that only took him just a few seconds to use is a software program that scrapes the search engine results pages. Generally you enter a keyword and it does searches in the major search engines, like Google, and supplies you with the URL’s of the results on the first few pages of the search engines results. Then you are told that you need to register with a pay per view program, which, by the way will cost you another $100, you then enter these URL’s that the software took from the search engines in to the pay per view program and you pay for the views. And truth be told it gets even better, they give you the link to sign up for the pay per view program which is actually their affiliate link for that program.

In the sales video, you are told that all you need to do every single day is enter a bit of information and click go and your all done. You’re not told that you have to devote more money once you get the so called software. The funny thing is that the software they are selling really does nothing but get you the search engine results, which again you can acquire yourself. More than likely you already suspected but this is simply not a product I would recommend to anyone. In the event you really want a good system for getting more traffic to your sites, I would recommend the “Magic Traffic Accelerator”.

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