Improve your health by just eating

Do you know by chewing your food into smaller pieces can help maintain and improve your health?

When chewing the food, our mouth will emit the necessary amount of saliva before it enters our stomach. The food will be decomposed by our stomach acid, bile and other digesting enzyme.

When the food had been decomposed, it will enter the small intestine. Some of them will be in liquid form and some solid. Only foods that are in the liquid form can infiltrate into the small intestine wall and absorb by our body.

Food that are in hard solid form will go into the big intestine. It will have the final absorbsion of whatever possible liquid form in the big intestine and, finally the rest of the solid form will be purged out as bowel from our body.

In this whole process, you will notice that only food that is in the liquid form will have the chance to be absorbed in our body. The solid ones are not easily absorbed.

Most of the foods we take are in solid form; therefore, we need to chew our food. The more the food is being chewed into smaller pieces, the chances of it being absorbed in our body is higher.

Our gall bladder meridian is distributed from our head to our feet. They are distributed almost the whole of our head. Therefore, when you are chewing your food, the gall bladder meridian that distributed on our head is being stimulated and emit out bile. When there is a lot of bile, it will help in decomposing the food that we are taking.

It is important that the food we take can be absorbed into our body. This is not only giving us necessary nutrients in our body. It is also providing enough “ingredients” in making blood. In turn increase our vitality and blood “??”.

This is another method where you can improve your health without using medicines.

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