Important Preparatory Questions to Ask Envelope Printers

In preparation for printing envelopes, you should always ask your envelope printers some critical service questions that will affect your orders. Let me give you the five most important and most crucial preparatory questions that you should always ask those services. Believe me, if you really want to have no problems with your custom envelopes, it is better to ask these questions early on.

1. What are the different kinds of envelopes you print and do you have templates? – This is a very good first question to ask. This helps you determine if the envelope printers can in fact deliver the specific custom envelop that you want produced.

Moreover, by asking if they have FREE envelope templates of the configuration you want, you can easily see if you can adopt your designs properly. If they do have the templates, it will be easier for you to change and adopt your designs for proper envelope printing with them. So make sure you ask these questions as a good initial inquiry for working with that printing firm.

2. What can you customize in terms of paper materials and inks? – Next, you will want to discover the abilities and options that dare available with that printing service. Try to ask them about the different things you can customize in terms of paper materials and inks.

What are the different paper types and weights that are available for envelopes? What types of inks can be added into them? (glossy, metallic, full color?) What other embedded elements can you put into envelopes? Knowing all these things allow you to see the scope and limitations of how your envelopes can look like when you work with that printer. Make sure of course that they offer what you need for your vision of custom envelopes.

3. Are discounts available for wholesale orders? – Of course, never forget to inquire about discounts. Make sure you ask if that printer offers wholesale envelope printing discounts. How much will they drop the price if you print more pieces of envelopes? Also, try to ask about other special offers and discounts. The more you know about the different money saving packages the better. You never know, there might be a big discount that will be offered and you might miss it if you do not actively ask them yourself.

4. Can you give me sample envelope prints? – Make sure that you also ask about some sample envelop prints. In many cases printing services should actually welcome people inquiring about sample envelope prints. They will be more than willing to send sample prints because they are confident about their abilities.

If your prospective envelope printer does not give out those samples, then maybe you might want to review your options and find someone else. It is best to always have a concrete idea of how that printer will perform before you commit printing stuff with them.

5. What assurances do I have that you will deliver? – Finally, you might want to ask about some assurances.  More specifically ask about the specific printing guarantees that the printer has to offer. Do they offer high quality guarantees on every envelope printer? Do they offer some kind of speed guarantee? How about satisfaction guarantees?

If they have these specific guarantees, then you know that they are confident with their products and will deliver the specific kind of envelope that you need, or else they will compensate you.

Now you know all the important preparatory questions that you must ask to your envelope printer. This should guide you to the right realizations about your printing service. Good Luck!

These easy and winning tips will allow you to keep your company’s name in the lead of your costumers.  For more wise ideas, visit: envelopes.


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