Import Flash SWF Animations Video to Video Editing Software on Mac Lion

Do you want to edit SWF files? How many video editing software do you know? If you don`t want to use FCP or FCE on Mac, what will you do? Now I`d like to share you some other great video editor.

Avid Media Composer, Adobe After Effect CS5, CS5.5 Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 all are great video editing software that allows for film editing, uncompressed standard definition (SD) video and high definition (HD) editing and finishing, but not supports SWF files.

All of them announced to supports SWF files, but there are still some bugs:
1: SWF files should be imported to After Effect with an alpha channel
2: Audio is not retained
3: Interactive content and scripted animation are not retained
4: Animation defined by keyframes in the main, top-level movie is retained

Solution: Convert SWF Video to Adobe Premiere supported formats
Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effect and Adobe Premiere Pro can edit 3GP, Animated GIF, M4V,, MP4, MPEG, DV etc video natively.

SWF Converter for Mac allows to convert Flash Games, SWF Animation and SWF video to Adobe Premiere supported formats: 3GP, M4V,, MP4, MPEG, DV and SWF to Animated GIF, then import the converted SWF files to Adobe Premiere Pro, SWF files to After Effect, SWF files to Avid Media Composer or other version for editing on Mac os x 10.5-10.7 Lion.

Do you want to download and edit SWF files from Web? This powerful SWF Converter Mac also can help you Download Web video to video editing software on Mac.

Higosoft SWF Converter Mac provides a free trial for download, and registered users are entitled to free lifetime updates and technical support.

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