If a Bird Choose to Commit Suicide

There is a cliff at the eastern of Canada Quebec. Every year, groups of birds chose here to their place of suicide. A young man whose parents had dead when he was very a kid, so he needed to face the lonely life every day. One day he found this cliff, when he saw the sea level rise, he was upset. After a drunk, he discovered this strange phenomenon, so he used his knowledge to explore it. He discovered that there was a kind of birds in the world from the book, if they could not adapt the noise and pollution of the environment; they would lose the interesting in the life. So they select to kill themselves.

In order to change their propensity, he put forward a higher requirement to himself. He tried to catch a bird and told it the meaning of the life. Seven says later, the bird returned to the sky. Three days later, he found the bird among the suicide birds. He was very angry, if the environment changed their propensity, but where were the noise and pollutions? He walked along with the cliff and finally found the secret: there was a factory beside the habitat of birds. A lot noise came from the factory. These birds wanted to change the condition here, but could do nothing. So the death was the best way to solve the problem. The man found the local government and asked them to change. But officer said: “let the bird to change their lifestyle, they were able to hider economic development” this sentence reminded him.

He prepared a softy blanket to cover the cliff. Many birds tried to commit suicide, but did not successful. So they quitted. He thought if the noise made them change, he could sing a song for the birds. The beautiful music attracted a lot of birds to stay around him, and the daring bird stood on his shoulders. The birds and he became the best friend after a year later. One day, a girl wanted to end her life at the cliff. But when she saw the many birds flied over her head, she thought maybe she could continue her life. If a bird chooses to commit suicide, we can help it to change the environment; if a man chooses to commit suicide, we can help him to open his heart.

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