I Hope Everyone Could Enjoy the Game

A U.S. service player found the monster what she and her husband are looking for several days when she does rare elite achievements, but unfortunately, her husband is at work. In order to do not let server kicked out of the game, she had to maintain a role in the activities within the game. Blizzard Community Manager made ​​to explain this.


I really want to bake bread or go to a rugby ball game in the course of the game… at the same time, the game will not be disconnected from the server!


This game just avoids players clogging the server. You will not affect the bandwidth of the server, but when over one hundred thousand individual decisions will begin for the convenience of always stay logged devour many resources on the server, which can be avoided. I hope that this will eliminate your doubts, because you may not get what you expect blue paste reply.


I bet, I say the above words, blue stickers to appear soon.


This is a fairly accurate answer.


We hope that the players actively involved in the game, rather than in temporarily leaving the state for a long time doing nothing. The long period of inactivity in order to avoid being kicked out of the game; my suggestion is even if it is a little bit of activity in the land of refuge remains.


I wish you can make new achievements hunting luck! I hope that when your husband came home, the bird you are looking for more than a rare monster is still there waiting for you.


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