I Have Three Methods to Lowering Your Stress

At present, the pressure cannot be ignored in society. In fact, many diseases are derived from the pressure. In my consulting room, there are many people suffering from the sleep disorders, the tense mood swings, quick tempers, cranky, chest and back pain. Although you have fall asleep, but in the second you still feel tired.


Relax through exercise

When I encountered consultation bottleneck or I could not know which thing I should do from a lot things at first, I will let myself stop and then go to sports. At usually, I put on sneakers, and then run around the park. Mild endurance exercise can make people relaxed and return to reality as good condition. Movement time is usually 30 minutes to one hour is appropriate. And then I’ll kick 1000, and this will make my mind link with the body’s muscles. After one exercise, the body is smooth and the spirit is good, so that I can focus on the fundamental issue easily. Movement can be done after work. As dynamic days of rest, do not give you a plan, but let the movement become a part of life.


Make life full of change

I often recommend consultative customers this method. I always take a different route to go to work, because I will see different scenery. I often go to a different hotel. Sometimes, in order to have a meal, I will pass through the urban area, just because I heard the other side of the city open a different restaurant, or they had a new dish. The new attraction can stimulate our nerves and give us an unusual revelation.


Farewell phone and get the proper rest.

The maximum advantage of smart phone is that it is often no electricity. I remember the first time I used the smart phone, I was happy to play for a long time. In the second, I found it had no electricity at work. The day I had a consultation and we made an appointment time and manner, because of my phone so that I could not told him postponed or canceled, I can only made an appointment with him as the primary plan. Since that now, I often choose to turn off the phone, cut off contact and do not accept too much information, it makes me make more commitments which must be achieved. Once you close the phone, you will felt relax.


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