I do Not Own You

Last summer vacation, my friend sent his 13 years son to American to broad his outlook. My friend asked his classmates to take care about his son a month. When his classmate met the boy at airport, she said to him: “I am your father’s friend and your father asked me to take care of you a month in American. But I have to tell you that I have no responsibilities to take care of your life, because I do not owe your father, so does he. Our relationships are equal. You are a 13 years old boy, and I think you have the basic abilities to deal with your life. So from now on, you have to get up on time. After getting up, you need to cook food by yourselves. It is impossible to cook for you, because I am going to work. After eating, the bowl and tray will be cleaned, because it is not my responsibilities. Here are a map of city and a timetable of bus, you can decide to where you want to play. In a word, you need to be independent. I have a lot thing to deal with, so I hope you coming will not bother my normal life.”

Finally, the classmate asked the boy: “do you understand my meaning?” He nodded. That auntie’s words were right; she neither owe his father, nor him. He was 13 years old; he can decide a lot of things now. When the boy returned home, his parents found that the boy can manage many things include cleaning the bowls, going to bed on time… not a long ago, my friend with her son to visit me. During the time of deal, I saw her son play with Phone. He told me: “my mother promised me if I get prize in the competition of piano, she would buy a phone for me. Look, I got this last day.” he was just eight years old. I think it was his responsibilities to get a prize. My friend told me: “my husband tells son that all the things belong to him include the house, company even the money.” all the parents make a serious mistake in China, which they neglect that children have the same responsibilities to their life.

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