, the article said

I do not know that in the near future, what will be the building stands here. World really impatient, anxious not to give us the opportunity to miss. Had been riddled with everything. To look at those seeds and there is nothing wrong,North Face Jackets Outlet Online, but still want to be able to see in front of these apples, a long time is really not tasty. Always go to school again recently recalled the days before, the day may really be unsatisfactory it now. Ridiculous, hateful, or sad, or happy for. Slowly on the escape. Think of these years in his side friend, no, probably less. Said to be a friend may not be accurate, it should be the students. Schools in the end taught us anything? When a person completed all his studies, leave school. Presumably have learned not much use,Gucci Shoes Factory, it may not be in the years to come will remember. But there are some things that will be with you a lifetime. Look at their side bar,Coach Outlet Online USA, energy and love to talk to their own people, will be your colleagues? Your leadership?

Walking on the way to work,, dim the lights, the bleak winds mixed with some frustration. People hurried home looked around, imagining their lives. Or joy or sorrow,Louis Vuitton Factory Outlet, or happiness, or will misfortune. What can? Still have to face. Now people are anxious, especially acute and anxious to get a boyfriend, anxious to get a girlfriend. Girlfriend hurry to the house, to the car, want to travel, and want to enjoy life, to ease. Boyfriend is again hard work,Michael Kors Outlet, experience is not deep but hurry seen through the world, even with no time to read an article, tell me, do you really anxious what?

Often and their like-minded people are those who grew up together and their own, right guy to school together. With them always so easy, no secrets between each other. Do not be afraid because of a wrong word, but the fault of others unhappy. Wang Zhiwen was once attended an interview programs, when he has not married. The host asked him: Why are not considered as a home. He said: have not found suitable. Moderator asked: What is considered how appropriate it? Wang Zhiwen answer: that is to their own kind and able to talk. Even the middle of the night phone call, can talk about for a long time and their own people. Although the conditions are harsh,, but if with such a partner, or will a friend. That is not a more exciting life. Perhaps now the Wang Zhiwen really found. He may also be anxious. Either way,, our youth is not over yet. There are many way you want us to go, but no matter when and where,, I hope in anxious while taking a proper slow down, to see whether Apple can pocket the mouth, crisp.

Read an article seemed relieved,, the article said: you are worried about something,, not necessarily the most rapid solution,MCM Worldwide Outlet Online, you do not care about things, just need you to act now. At first see this, can not understand, but let me wake up the next sentence: Because a seed is to slowly mature, who can not decide its rate of growth,, and in your hand Apple, the time delay, it is no longer delicious,Michael Kors USA, restore the original face the world,Monster Headphones Outlet Online, everything slowly. Yes,, ah, we always look up too far, while ignoring the people and things around us,, but we need to. Seeds planted takes time, and that Apple may be around you because you’re concerned about the time and rotten seed. Whenever free time standing on the street, watching the people walking down,, everyone’s face is an expression, numbness, dull,Gucci Shoes Factory, tired, helpless, and sometimes I even want to forward grabbed everyone and tell them ,North Face Outlet Online, fly slowly, but I can not, I’m not mentally ill. And I can not slow down because of slow, I can not catch the car home. Occasionally passing the original high school, where there is now a ruin.

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