How We Take the Initiative To Close To a Lot of Troubles in Life

A friend recently bought a car, a luxury car automatically. I want to talk about his buying process, perhaps, after reading this story; you will know how we take the initiative to close to a lot of troubles in life.


The original plan of friend was to buy a car in place of walking, and the total price was fifty or sixty thousand. He was considering buying a used car, but a college said that second-hand car was not always good, fifty or sixty thousand should be able to buy a new car. Friend felt very reasonable, so he abandoned his plan to buy a used car.


Friend selected the Poussin driven everywhere in the streets. But some friends said Poussin was too common, and it was unlike with the family car, adding to twenty or thirty thousand more, he could buy a better car. Friend thought so, if his car was more high-end, he would be more glorious. So he put funds of buying car rose to eighty-ninety thousand.


He went to the Motor City to pick car, the car was too much. Purchasing guide said, the car of eighty-ninety thousand can only be considered entry-level, if we can add ten or twenty thousand again, you can buy a better car.


My friend considered that he was working-class, not always transfer the car, if add ten thousand could buy a better car, why not? So, he increased the buying fund to one hundred thousand. Then purchasing guide said to him, if it was automatic climate control, drivers would feel more comfortable. Friend felt it was justified, so he chose the car with automatic climate control; purchasing guide said, if CD was six-disc, it did not need frequently change. Friend thought it made sense. So he chose the car with the six-disc CD; purchasing guide said if it had a skylight, then he would feel more comfortable. My friend thought that made sense, finally he chose the car of a sunroof.


The car was selected, and the prices soared to one hundred and twenty thousand. But friend felt the prices were high, but the purchasing guide said, such vehicles can be used by home, but also it was commercial. When he went back, his colleagues said, the prices was a bit high, if he added to some money to buy a luxury auto, his wife could also drive. So friend took out all his deposits to buy a new car with one hundred and seventy thousand Yuan.


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