How to Transfer Data From Your Old Hard Drive?

In order to effectively transfer a data from one Xbox 360 console to another, an individual must have an Xbox 360 console, two hard drives of Xbox, a data transfer cable and a data transfer software.

In transferring the saved games and other contents from the current hard drive (the source hard drive) to another hard drive (the destination hard drive), it is important to not connect the destination drive to the Xbox 360 console until the video gamer successfully transfers the contents according to the right way of doing it. Any content that the video gamer stores on the destination drive before the transfer of the content will be lost.

The video gamers have the option to transfer all contents of the Xbox 360 console from the source hard drive to the destination hard drive. Whether the video gamer chooses to do this or not, he must understand that both the source hard drive and the destination hard drive are entirely compatible with an Xbox 360 console and will be once the transfer is successful.

Important contents can only be transferred from a smaller source hard drive to a destination hard drive that is similar or bigger and only once. It is important for a video gamer to realize that if he intends to transfer content from the current hard drive, like a hard drive with a 20 gigabyte capacity, to a new destination hard drive, like a hard drive with 120 gigabyte capacity, the destination hard drive should not be used prior to transferring the content or else the content will be lost.

When the transfer is successful, the destination hard drive will have every transferable document from the source hard drive. This includes the live downloads as well as the saved games in the Xbox 360 console. Furthermore, the destination hard drive will have its preloaded files and documents. The source hard drive contents will be deleted.

If the individual continues the use of the source hard drive after transferring the content, he should realize that he will not have another chance to transfer files directly to the other hard drive. For a simpler, transportable means to transfer the saved games between the two hard drives, the Xbox 360 memory unit is also recommended.

Aside from this only option to move all the contents to another hard drive, the individual cannot directly move or copy from a hard drive to another, despite the capacity of the hard drive. In order to copy or move contents after transferring the data, it is advisable to use the Xbox 360 memory unit. Only a hard drive may be connected to the Xbox 360 console. The transfer cable cannot be utilized to move data from multiple hard drives or to connect to more than one hard drive to the Xbox 360 console all at once.

After transferring all the content from the Xbox 360 console, it needs to transfer the licenses from the games and other data to the new console.

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