How to Replenish the Water after Sweating

When know a lot of sweating may harm the body health, we will naturally arrive at the answer: we should replenish the water after sweating. Well, how should we add the water?


However, what should we add? In general, if our sweating amount is not large, we can supply common drinks, such as mineral water, boiled water, tea, carbonated drinks, fruit juice, bean soup, milk and sports drinks and so on. If your sweat has a large amount, you are the best to supply some drinks containing a certain amount of electrolyte, such as sports drinks, salt water or some soup and so on. When you sweat with a large amount, do not only drink plenty of boiled water, so as not to cause hyponatremia.


Moreover, how much should we replenish? The principle of fluid volume to add is that how much you lose, how much you need to make up. So, how do you know the amount of lost sweat volume? Usually according to the reduced weight after sweating, it can be broadly informed that the amount of loss of body fluids; ordinary people can also be based on the degree of thirsty to add water. But when you add body fluids, you should drinks by a few times, that is, each time to add 100 to 200 ml, do not binge drinking.


Furthermore, when should we replenish the water? In fact, before, during and after the movement, we should replenish the water. People are accustomed to supplying water during or after the exercise, but they ignore the replenishment before the exercise. If you want to maintain the best physical condition, you should always maintain the balance of body fluids, do not appear dehydration, even if there is slight dehydration, it is not okay. So you should replenish the water before, during and after exercise depending on the circumstances.


However, for different people, how can they correctly replenish water? If adolescents sweat more during the exercise, they can drink 0.5 to 1 liter of sports drinks containing electrolytes or sugar; the exercise of elderly is generally not large, and sweat amount is not much, and even some older people are also associated with certain chronic diseases, there is no need to add sports drinks, so they can replenish some mineral water, boiled water, tea, bean soup or some milk; for obese people, one of the purpose of the exercise is to lose weight, and consume excess body energy reserves. Therefore, they have no need to supply drinks containing energy substances. If you sweat more, you can add some sugar-free drinks containing electrolytes.


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