How to recover deleted photo from Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2 packed with a 8 megapixel solid-built rear camera, which makes the king of android a very capable handset in archiving life with images and videos. But things happens, by any chance the precious photos or videos got deleted by kids or become inaccessible due to system crash or corruption, this is the article you may want to check out toretrieve the deleted or lost photo and video from Samsung Galaxy S2.

When a simple delete command used, it only locate and marked that very part of storage sector which has stored the “deleted” photos or videos as “free space” for new data to overwrite, so the “deleted” photos and videos are not permanently erased and remains perfect recoverable until they are overwritten.

This is what we are gonna do to recover deleted photos and videos from Samsung Galaxy S2.
First download photo recovery for Samsung Galaxy S2, the utility also supports video and audio recovery for canon rebel
Connect the Samsung Galaxy S2 with computer and launch the software.

Select drive letter, then click scan.
photo recovery for canon rebel
The scanning process may take a while if it is a large library.

After scanning, photo recovery for Samsung Galaxy S2 will presents the deleted photos, videos and audios deleted from the device.
photo recovery for canon rebel
Select photos or videos you want to recover, by setting certain filters will help you to locate the very file you want to have back.

Click “recover” to retrieve deleted files from Samsung Galaxy S2.

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