How to Reach the WoW Gold Cap – 3 Big Secrets to Hitting the WoW Gold Cap

Brief answer is no. The problem using the WoW authenticator is that it’s a numerical equation. Any numerical code can be hacked. Just like your accounts password. Blizzard Entertainment has put so much hype in this authenticator security that individuals just blindly believe that it is the remedy all in order to account security issues.

You may have already heard complaints through authenticator owners who’ve gotten hacked. Top MMOG news confirming sites have noticed that these things don’t work. The crazy thing is that Blizzard Entertainment has become talking about making the WoW authenticator required. What will change when everyone has 1? Hackers will get smarter and much more of them will be hacking authenticator enabled accounts.

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Another issue crops upward when referring to the Wow authenticator. The Amazing authenticator is really only designed to work when it’s actually attached to account. Are you aware how easy it’s to get customer service to get rid of your Wow authenticator out of your account? You only have to have a few bits of personal information to take away the authenticator. Most people could get this information if they simply hacked your e-mail accounts and simply because they have your own e-mail accounts hacked they can then possess your Fight. net password too.

The problem isn’t in how much information people enter to get into their accounts, the problem is within who otherwise is viewing that information as they enter it. Other companies don’t even have near to the problem which Blizzard does with their accounts becoming hacked. Wouldn’t it be more profitable to crack someones PayPal accounts then it might be to hack their World of warcraft account? Yet you simply don’t view it happen as much with additional websites. This is why many Wow gamers feel Blizzard Amusement is partially to blame for this allergy of episodes.

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