How to Protect Yourselves in the Aircraft Abnormal Signs

In fact, 40% of the victims were able to escape the crash, if they take the right way. So, if you have misgivings for traveling by plane, you might look at crash self-help knowledge in the following will be introduced, which may save your life at a critical time.


First, you should observe carefully and size up the situation. Aircraft before the crash, there is always a sign, and you want to take advantage of a few minutes to prepare before the aircraft is impacted. Re-look at where is the export, and silently count how many rows of seats apart between your seat and the export, so that even in case of confusion, or not see, you are still able to find the exit. Do a good analysis of the situation to determine the surface condition of the aircraft landing site, and customize an appropriate exit strategy. For example, if the aircraft made ​​a forced landing in the water, it would have to prepare a life jacket, but to prevent stuck inside the cabin, you had better put on after escaping out of cabin; if the aircraft landed in the cold zone, you’d better take a blanket or coat in order to maintain body temperature.


Second, you must always wear a seatbelt. If the aircraft is under attack in your sleep, you are fortunate that you wear a seat belt. In any case, you should ensure that before the plane hit the personal to fasten your seat belt, any wee bit small gap will cause gravity to withstand the crash of two times, remember, be sure to fasten! Similarly, push down on the seat belt more close to the pelvis, the better, because the structure of the pelvis can assume momentum. However, if the security belt slides into the abdomen, then so the internal injuries’ risk of the abdomen is lowered. But also remember, how to unfasten your seat belts! Yes, a lot of people in a panic moment cannot even unfasten their seat belts, thereby adversely affecting the timing of escape. Before the aircraft impact, the brain must know how to successfully unlock the belts.


Third, you must brace yourself and take the right anti-collision position. In the face of imminent shock, you must stabilize your own. You are best to adjust the seat to sit straight to take the position of “anti-impact”.


If you encounter in aircraft failure, do not panic, because panic will not handle anything.


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