How to Protect the Oil Skin

Core Tip: there is a lot of misunderstanding to use the oil skin care products for people. As usually, people think that if they use such kind of skin care, their skin will be more and more oil. If you used the improper method to use the skin care products, which let your skin poison. But once you have mastered its skin care properties, it will have the great help to your skin.


Many consumers will feel that when they use the oil skin care products, they will felt it is too moist, what looks like their skin was covered with a cloth, so that it affect the pores to breathe. There are a lot of beautiful girls worried about c oil cosmetics will block pores, but is not conducive to clean the skin.


Have you had a residual feeling after using the oil skin care products?


At first, you should check your use level; because of you just used a little to take care of the oil skin. It is mainly because of the skin care will form a thin layer on the skin surface, so the use level is not use too much. If you regard it as a massage oil to use, after the end of the massage, you should clean up the grease, not too much to retain on the face.


What is the different between its shelf-life and other skin care products?


You had best to use up the products within six months and one year since it opened. But each product has the different characters and ingredients, so that you had best to refer to the period of use on the packaging.


Does the facial moisturizing essential oil will influence the follow-up makeup if it was used in the daytime?


Only if the essential oils were not marked at night specifically, this is no relationship to smear the essential oils at any time. But before smearing, you had to check own skin at first. If there had the residual oil on face, you should need to clean it at first, and then smearing to product the skin.


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