How to Promote the Intellectual Potential of the Infant

Studies have shown that positive and happy mood is conductive to the intellectual development of infants and effect, which can promote the infant’s intellectual, and is conductive to the formation of a lively, cheerful, trust, and self-confident and other good personality. So, how to let kids to have a happy childhood?


At first, parents should give your children plenty of time to play games. If we say that in the first years of the infants born, to meet the physiological needs of the children seems important, then, for 2 or 3-year-old child, to meet the psychological needs of the spirit is more important. Having fun is the nature of the child, and the game is one of the main childhood psychological needs. The game is not just fun, it is an important way to let infants and young children understand the world, and adapt to the environment. For infants, the game is a learning experience, and more importantly, it is a more suitable learning. In the game, Infants’ brain and various organs of the body is active, which is a body coordinating activities under the unified command of the brain, and is conducive to the coordinated development of the infant action. However, the wide variety of intensive training of knowledge and skills occupy child’s game time, the harm causing the physical and mental health of children is serious. Many studies have shown that over-learning, lack of time and space of the game is an important reason to cause children sensory integration dysfunction and weariness.


Second, parents should create the conditions to let your children contact with peers. Many studies have pointed out that in the infant and peer interaction shows more positive emotional patterns, and positive speech, facial expressions, movements increased significantly, and mood is more lively and pleasure. Now the only child feels lonely, but parents can create a way to let your children to know peer partner by visiting relatives and friends with children, or encouraging your children to play with neighborhood kids.


Third, the parents should be actively involved in the upbringing of the child. In the traditional parenting concept, the parenting of 0 to 3-year-old infant is a thing of the mother, and the father’s role is dispensable. In recent years, child psychology research shows that infant exchanges with his father, which has a very important and irreplaceable role in developing their personality traits; and the involvement of fathers in parenting, will make babies more intelligent, clever, curious, and happy.

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