How to Prevent Gastrointestinal Diseases in summer

In the height of summer, intestinal infectious diseases enter a period of high incidence; I remind the public do personal hygiene, sanitation and food hygiene well, which is an important measure for prevention and control of intestinal infectious diseases, and the public should pay attention to personal hygiene, often washing hands, and separate raw and cooked, raw fruits should be washed, and you have to develop good health habits. At the same time, you should do a good job of families, neighborhoods and schools, childcare institutions, and environmental health, which can effectively cut off the route of transmission of intestinal infectious diseases, in order to greatly reduce the probability of the occurrence of intestinal infectious diseases, effectively control of outbreaks of intestinal diseases.


Infectious diarrhea is caused by pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, is the common diseases mainly as diarrhea symptoms, patients defecate per day and over three times, mostly are watery stools, mucus, and bloody. If it is serious, there will be secondary to dehydration, shock, hemolytic uremic syndrome. But general intestinal dysfunction diarrhea is mild, and is self-healing.


With the temperature increases, intestinal infectious diseases in summer begin to enter the high season, in order to prevent the occurrence of intestinal infectious diseases, and the public should pay attention to do: first, develop the good hygiene practices of drinking water, eating cooked food, and often washing your hands. Second, try not to eat foods with poor sanitation, or at street stalls, and try not to eat salad and meat as well as some barbeque outside. Third, please pay attention to the family diet and health; for the food production, you need to heat for more than three minutes. Try not to eat leftovers. And the refrigerator is not safe box, and for the food put in the refrigerator which directly can eat must be treated to eat.


Fourth, when you process the salad, processors should make their hands clean, be sure to use a special cooked food chopping board and knives, and do not mix with the raw meat knives and chopping board, and make the lettuce first immerse into the boil water for a while, and separate the different containers that contain different dishes. Fifth, you must first soak the vegetables with water first, and then use clean water to rinse for more than three times. Especially some vegetables with root or leaves, you should pay attention to the roots of the cleaning. In addition, when you wash the strawberries and other fruits in water, you should add a little salt and soak for a few minutes, and then rinse with water in the flushing process, and then use the hands gently scrub the surface.


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