How To Maximize Your Electric Log Splitter’s Power

The electric log splitter consists of an electric motor which drives a hydraulic pump and this in turn extends a double acting hydraulic ram with a wedged axe like tool at the end of the ram. When a log of wood is placed against the stop end of the frame and pressure is applied via the hydraulic pump with hand lever controls to the ram, it splits the wood in the same way as if you were using an axe but with tons of pressure. This machine is highly powerful and can split tones of logs into fine pieces of wood for domestic use and commercial sale. However, you need to keep your electric log splitter at its best form to ensure that it operates at optimal levels.
An electric log splitter should serve as an ideal piece of machinery for the average household. Its use is not only important during the winter season, but all through the year. When purchasing an electric log splitter there are a few things you might want to keep in mind. The first thing you should consider is what fire wood you are likely to be using for heating as well as the source of your logs of wood. You also need to keep in mind is the safety aspects of the machine. Some of the more powerful machines have fast acting rams which may not be suitable for someone with little experience. An excellent safety precaution is that both hands are out of harm’s way during the operation. An electric log splitter is an excellent tool to have in your garage that makes light work of firewood requirements for the winter season as well as the entire year where you might want to cook with firewood.

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