How to Make Porridge both Sticky and Nutritious

When people cook porridge, they may naturally add a little alkali. In fact, this is wrong. Although adding alkali can make the porridge cooked faster and more viscous, the nutrition of porridge has greatly lost. So the health experts will analyze why the porridge cannot be added alkali, and tell you the small tips to cook porridge.


Modern research has shown that the starch in the grain exists in the form of starch granule, and the outer of which is wrapped by protein and alkali membrane. This layer can protect the starch not completely dissolved by water, which also retains nutrients, so that let the cooked rice be not loose, but not be enough sticky. When we cook porridge and add alkali, it will be easy to damage this layer of protein membrane, so that make all of the starch release, so the porridge will be cooked faster, while increasing the viscosity. However, to do so can make the grain nutrition lose greatly.


First, the alkali is the enemy of most vitamins. Vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, folic acid and other vitamins are very afraid of alkali. If we heat porridge under alkali conditions, the losses will be heavier. The B vitamins in the cereal are very abundant, but we add alkali in the porridge, and cook for a long time, it will often make the vitamin B1, B2 ruthless. Secondly, alkali destroys the polyphenols structures. For example, beans in addition to being rich in B vitamins, they also contain polyphenols and have antioxidant properties, increase immunity, and delay aging. If we add alkali in these bean porridge, which not only will make the vitamins lose, but also will change its structure, thus losing health care.


In addition, adding alkali also can strength the role of starch gelatinization, make the blood sugar raised faster, which is detrimental to control blood sugar for the diabetics crowd. Finally, the amount of alkali to be added into the porridge is often not easy to control. If you add too much, the porridge will leave alkaline taste and slippery sense, destructing the natural flavor of the cereal. Well, in addition to alkali, how to make porridge both sticky and nutritious? This time, we can put a small handful of stocky rice or a spoonful of oatmeal, which can increase the viscosity. To do so not only cannot lose the nutrition, but also can make you better to enjoy the fragrance of the natural grain. Moreover, you can also use a pressure cooker, and put the rice dropped into boiling water and then cook it with pressure cooker, which can also allow porridge more viscous.


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