How to make good deals

How to make good deals

If you are a fan of retro video games, Pokémon or Magic cards, Funko Pop figurines or even Manga, you certainly know it… Garage sales and other flea markets are the perfect places to make good moves and embellish your collection at best price . But to have the chance to get your hands on the prettiest pieces, it’s sometimes not easy with the competition that reigns around the stands. Sometimes you have to be in the right place at the right time to find your happiness, but there are simple ways to give luck a little boost!

So if you’re wondering how to do good business at a garage sale, we’re going to reveal our best techniques and methods in this article! Whether it’s to be the first on a sale or to cut prices , we give you all our tips for making good deals at flea markets, and trying to win the big prizes in the toy markets! Are you a collector of Magic cards, Pokémon cards, Manga, figurines or even video games?… So listen carefully to our secrets to becoming the king of the garage sale!

– Get up early to do business at the garage sale

If you’re wondering how to get good deals at the garage sale , know that one of the most important things is to get up early! You must be among the first in front of the doors of the flea market when it opens. You will thus have a head start on your competitors to browse the stands in search of a nugget. Never forget it: Pokémon cards, retro video games and manga are all the rage right now on Sunday vendor stalls, and the competition is fierce to be the first to get your hands on the rare pearl.

If you show up at the garage sale at 11 a.m. or noon, you’ll only have the leftovers and you might as well tell yourself that it’s sometimes not very pretty to see. But it’s logical… The most beautiful objects are also the most coveted, and therefore the first to end up in the bags of collectors and other retailers. Our number one advice is therefore to get up early to go to your flea market as soon as it opens! You will thus put all the chances on your side to make good deals at the garage sale. Remember the famous adage: The world belongs to those who get up early! It has never been so fair as for toy exchanges!

Mini NES 821 built-in games

One of the pitfalls that could waste your precious time is parking ! It is because of him that many junk dealers and collectors miss nuggets on Sundays. If you don’t know the place, don’t hesitate to take a short tour around the flea market scheduled for next Sunday. Perhaps a small street out of sight will be a perfect parking spot for you on the day of the garage sale.

If you can’t get there, use Google Maps and Google Street View to get a little idea of ​​the layout of the flea market. Especially if no parking is provided on site. In short, avoid going there blind, you could have bad surprises especially if it’s a big event. It’s often a mess, so you might as well take preventive measures to reassure yourself on D-Day.

– Prepare your banknotes well… And your coins!

Do not hesitate to carry a lot of cash if you have the budget to treat yourself. It would be a shame to miss out on a collector’s console or an ultra-rare Pokémon card because you only have a few tens of euros in your wallet. You may well see a one-off piece pass you by because you don’t have enough dollars on you.

Another very important thing, bring lots of small change. Coins of 50 centimes, 1 and 2 euros in abundance… They will be to your advantage to negotiate prices and top up with the seller. Something that is generally very popular in flea markets. This will ensure that you put the odds on your side to make good deals at garage sales!

– Organize the direction of your journey

So as not to have the impression of finding yourself in the film “un day without end”, think of organizing the direction of your journey in the aisles of the garage sale. This will save you from having to pass the same stand of fake Pokémon cards 3 times, for example. Saving time also means winning chances of doing more good business and finding the little nugget you were looking for before the others.

For example, you can always start on the right, and stick to it! It is true that some flea markets are organized in a rather anarchic way. But you should get away with it without too much trouble if you’re a little careful. If you’re wondering how to get good deals at a garage sale, start by being organized ! This is the basis of success in flea markets and other toy fairs.

– Equip yourself with a bag that meets your expectations

It would be a shame to get your hands on a bunch of retro games, manga or Funko Pop figures and not have a bag to match them. Even if junk dealers can always help you out with one or two extra plastic bags, it is best to come to the garage sale with a bag the size of your expectations. Without of course loading you like a mule. Let’s say, something simple but necessary.

A foldable sports bag with good ergonomics is a good idea. It will allow you to easily load bulky pieces like game consoles or collector figurines if that is what you are looking for. Finally, if you roam the toy exchanges only because you are a Pokémon or Magic card collector… Then we grant you, a simple backpack should be enough to carry the cards you find.

In fact, it depends a little on your research, and your hopes for finds… But if you are wondering how to do good business in a garage sale, start by going there with a good background to load all your potential acquisitions ! It seems logical, but many visitors sometimes find themselves having to carry their discoveries at arm’s length!

Pokémon Mewtwo Box

– The good mood to do business at the garage sale

It is always more pleasant, both for the seller and for the potential buyer, when the atmosphere is cordial. We have all seen people with aggressive or oppressive behaviors at the flea market or at the toy market . However, this is not at all the desired atmosphere. Everyone is in principle on site to have a good time of relaxation, a walk or a weekend outing.

Unfortunately, some are not at all in this state of mind. On our side, we recommend that you always remain polite and benevolent , as in life in general. Say hello, thank you, goodbye. Being sympathetic may allow you to negotiate better prices… Ideal for getting good deals at the garage sale!

Certain attitudes can harm the buyer who may even be refused a sale for his behavior. We therefore recommend that you remain zen and courteous, even if a nugget passes you by at the last second… It’s the rule of the game, first come at the flea market, first served ! Accept your fate and move on. A nice surprise may be waiting for you at the next stand!

– Never ask the price of a specific item

Browsing through a pile of PS2 games and stumble upon an ultra rare and side Mega Man?… It would be a mistake to ask the seller for the price of this game specifically, especially if the prices are not displayed. Put your question rather this way… “Hello sir, how much do you make PS2 games ? “. That way, you don’t show the seller that a specific game has your full attention… And try to hide those glowing eyes!

This will give you a better chance of lowering the prices, especially if there are FIFAs in the pile of games in question. Of course, this technique does not work every time and has little chance of hitting the mark if you are talking to a retro game professional. But it could still allow you to make great acquisitions without breaking your budget! If you are still wondering how to do good business at a garage sale, here is a technique to master! There’s no doubt about it… Try this method and you’ll ask us about it!

This trick is applicable for all grouped objects of the same type… Magic cards or Pokemon cards , Funko Pop figurines, Manga and of course video games… Don’t forget, never ask the price of a specific object among the others, but the “general” price of the object you want to buy!

– Make good deals at the garage sale: haggle!

This is the basis when you go on a mop in the middle of the stands of clearance sales or fairs . The negociation ! If for example you plan to take two or three video games, do not hesitate to ask the seller for a small discount. But you can also without too many problems and within reason negotiate the items sold alone. Take advantage of a slightly damaged Pokémon card to request a price reduction.

The Funko Pop figure you want to buy no longer has a box? Another good opportunity to try to lower the price! As you will have understood, everything is a pretext for negotiation in a garage sale. Without playing the rats, do not overdo it at the risk of missing out on a good deal… If you like the object and its price seems reasonable, then go ahead and treat yourself!

– Make sure the object is complete

If you collect video games, you should know that a full game will always be more valuable than a loose game. So check that in addition to its box and its cartridge / CD, the game in question contains its instructions for use! Same for figurines. They always have more market value when they are in their original box. As for manga and trading cards , it is above all their condition that matters. The more books and maps are degraded / damaged, the more their value drops.

For example, a Pokémon card in Mint condition (new) that costs several hundred euros can only be worth a few denarii if it is badly damaged. In short, if you are an intransigent collector and you are wondering how to get good deals in garage sales and toy markets, start by taking a good look at the condition of the objects you buy… And check that they are complete. !

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