How To Maintain The Shape Of Your Leather Bags

Nowadays, looking at the women walking on the street, you will find that almost every wowan carries over on her shoulder a leather bag. Owing a classical leather bag, you can match with various clothes during your daily life. So, it is very important for you to know how to maintain the shape of leather bags. Here, we are going to share some tips about the maintance of leather bags with you.

When carrying your leather bag, you should keep the following suggestions in mind: Firstly, keep your leather bags dry. Leather bags will be easily deformed in a damp condition. If you leave your leather bags in a damp condition for a long time, it will be very possible that your leather bags will deformed or color fading. So, once your leather bags get wet, you should use a air blower to make them dry on the instant.

Secondly, keep your leather bags away from high temperture subjects. It is known to us that the leather will be likely to deformed, colour fading or sun crack when it close up with high termperture subjects. Accordingly, don’t expose your leather bags to the sun for too long at high noon or put your leather bags too near to high temperture subjects.

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Thirdly, avoid putting too many things or too heavy things in your leather bags. Putting too many things inside your bag will make your leather bag excess load. Day after day, your leather bag will puckerred or deformed one day. In addition, you had better not put some things roughly or sharply in your leather bags. Rough subjects or sharp things will destory the leather by chances. In spite of the attentions you should pay when you using them, you should make some efforts when you pack yourleather bags away. To begin with, before packing your leather bags away into the clothespress, you should put some plain colour cloth inside the leather bags. The number of the plain colour cloth is depend on the size of your leather bag. Remember, only plain colour cloth is available. Any colourful or hard things should be avoided.

Furthermore, make sure enough space room for your leather bag to place. A crowded place will make your leather bags deformed. In a word, good maintances can not only prolong the lifetime of your leather bags but also can make your leather bags take on a new look even you have used for a long time.

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