How to Loss the Weight of Legs

Every woman wants to have a pair of perfect legs. For men, after they take a glance of woman’s face, the second eye will see a woman’s legs. Because of the legs is the second face for women. However, some of the girls, whether it is stretching, massage or lose weight; they always cannot let the legs slim down, why?


Edema type

Most women belong to edema legs. Once at evening, legs began to swelling with a sense of inexplicable aches. If you press calf, the white marks will be left, and it is difficult to be reinstated. If you have this condition, you should pay attention to this situation!


This reason leads by the unsmooth lymph, and you can promote lymph circulation through massage or participate in moderate exercise for the legs, which could let more muscle to take part in body circulation. Actually, you can change this condition easily. Expert recommended women to do walking or hiking exercise, which allows muscles do not like obvious. There is another way, you can take a cold water shower to the leg to promote metabolism.


Obese type

For the Legs, the places around the calf and knee are easy to accumulate the fat. If you can pulled up these parts of fat easily, or present uneven cellulite when you squeeze the size of the calf, or even could not see muscle strength when climb stairs, then this description you are too fat.


General speaking, excess fat is mainly because of the excessive intake of calories, and fat calf is generally relatively soft, so that it is not easy to loss. Therefore, you should do some squats sports, or sports equipment for strength training to burn fat good practice. If your leg fat was stiff, the softening is very important, you can use the hot baths or steam bath with massage to let fat become soft again.


Muscle type

For part of girls, due to the exercise intensity, the real weight is heavier than looks, even they do not use the power, and you can see the muscle easily.


For these girls, they should try to avoid the instant explosive muscle training, but for muscles moderate aerobic exercise such as swimming or better up and down lift light weight dumbbells instead.


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