How to keep far away from winter copd with soft gel

Winter is the list of copd season. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is to point to a kind of air in and out of the lungs limited disease. Bronchial inflammation can lead to increased secretion, appear a cough, sputum, soft gel, bronchial stenosis led to reduced lung function, and gradually appear activities, difficulty breathing after asthma. This good doctor online invited the temple of heaven in Beijing hospital respiratory medicine of doctor of zhang jie, to give you a solution of copd common problems.
Copd and the etiology of what performance?
Smoking cigarettes is a cause of copd main reason, or in the work, life and some excitant dust contact, or live in the air polluted environment.
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease symptoms including long-term cough, sputum and asthma, breath is difficult, however chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is usually in imperceptible in happen and worsen, until the lung function was serious damage to be found. Began to attack is often cough, sputum, then the number of cough more and more frequent, and even interfere with sleep, eventually even soft gel life activities are making people feel asthma. Breathing difficulties at first very slight, slowly even calm breath was very difficult   meizitang. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease symptoms often because of cold and worse.
Copd treatment and prevention way? What are those?
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease cannot be completely cured, but through the law of effective treatment and avoid contact with harmful material can effectively control symptoms increased to the illness development soft gel delay and improve the patient’s quality of life  botanical slimming. The most important is to immediately stop smoking, lest your lung function was further destruction!
Copd patients should avoid the following various situation:
1. Stay in the room was filled with smoke.
2. Emotions too much pressure.
3. Overwork.
4. The temperature suddenly change, breathing in the extremely cold or the extremely hot air.
5. Air pollution sites, such as traffic jams and excessive dust factory.
6. If the air quality is bad, will stay at home not to go out, and at the same time not to open the window.
7. Close to the patient with a cold.
8. Without a doctor’s order take medicine, some drugs can make an illness exasperate.
The expert reminds: the correct understanding treat disease, timely communication with the doctor. Maintain the good life habit, adjust life rhythm so as not to take more pressure. Difficulty breathing may’s rather fear, but in the right, careful treatment and care is under would ease. To eat nutritious food   botanical slimming soft gel; If chewing and swallowing soft gel food will bring difficulty breathing, reduce the amount of each meal, increase the number of meals; Do the proper motion having oxygen; If you feel nervous or anxious, please discuss this with the doctor your problem.
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