How to Get New teeth with the All on Four Protocol

Since its conception in the early 1990’s, the All on FourTM has been providing patients who have lost most, if not all of their natural teeth, with a beautiful set of new teeth in as little as a day. The protocol has generated waves in the fields of fixed oral rehabilitation and more and more Americans want to find out just what it all involves. So, from your initial consultation to your first glance in the mirror, this is what you can expect from the All on FourTM when getting dental implants in NJ.

New Teeth, Step One: Your Initial Consultation

Your first step on your journey to getting new teeth is your first consultation with a qualified dental implant specialist. During this appointment, you will undergo a thorough clinical oral examination, be asked about your medical history, and have Cone Beam CT scans taken of your jaw and dentition and molds taken of your teeth. Once the specialist has determined the intricacies of your particular case and whether you are a candidate for the All on FourTM procedure, a date will be set for your surgery. If you have any questions or concerns, the surgeon or prosthodontist will be more than happy to address these during this appointment.

New Teeth, Step Two: Your Surgery

On the day of your surgery, you will be required to arrive at the dental implant center in the morning. Once you are prepped for the procedure, you will be gently sedated (if desired or needed) to ensure your maximum comfort. The first step of surgery is to remove any remaining, failing teeth in preparation for your new teeth. Your mouth will then be thoroughly cleaned of any chronic areas of infection. Your oral and maxillofacial surgeon will then place two dental implants in the anterior (front) portion of the jaw, where there typically exists a greater volume of atrophy resistant bone tissue.

Another two implants will be placed more toward the posterior (back) portion of the jaw bone, in the region of back teeth. These latter implants are inserted at an angle so as to reap maximum support from what bone volume exists. Once all four implants have been inserted (see picture below), or eight if you are having both sets of teeth replaced, all incisions will be sutured and you will be allowed to recover from the surgery.

New Teeth, Step Three: Dental Prosthesis

While you recover from your surgery, a qualified prosthodontist will be putting the finishing touches on your brand new set of teeth. These will then be attached to the dental implants in your mouth and once they have been fitted for comfort, you will be allowed to admire your beautiful new smile in the mirror. These replacement teeth will have been fabricated from the molds that were taken of your teeth after your initial consultation. You will then be allowed to return home to a light dinner and a good night’s rest. You will be required to return for some follow-up appointments, and in several months’ time, your first set of teeth will need to be replaced with a permanent prosthetic dental bridge.

And that is what it takes to get dental implants in NJ with the All on FourTM protocol!

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