How to Find a Professional Rug Repair Company

Each one of us who owns a rug or carpet knows that with the time there are certain amounts of damage that will be sustained by it. It may happen due to normal usage or unusually extensive due to the presence of pets or small children in the house. Rug repair and restoration is simple although a little expensive.

When to Undertake Rug Repair and Restoration

A rug can be repaired or restored if there are stains on it that you are not able to remove by yourself, wear and tear from usage and rugs that have sustained damage due to fire or water. Repairing a rug becomes very easy if you hire a professional rug repair company that you can fully trust on. But the cost is always an issue, as the company you should choose must be under your budget only.

If the rug you own is over a 100 years old, then you should decide whether you want it restored or not. Professional rug restorers can bring it back to its original glory no doubt but the fact remains that however careful they may be, it can never be the original rug. Rug repair and restoration will no doubt offer completeness to the rug but the question is whether this is more important than retaining its originality even though it is a little damaged.

While many common carpet repairs might be within the realm of the do-it-yourself homeowner when they are small or tucked away out of sight, larger carpet problems or those located in a high traffic area are best left to professionals. Not all carpet companies are equal; remember, almost anyone can claim to be in the carpet repair and restoration business. Make sure the company provides full service carpet care in case you have more than one problem!

Our cleaning services include:

Fresh Look – A whole fresh and new look for the carpet and the whole room
Elimination of harmful germs and bacteria – We eliminate all harmful bacteria from your carpet
Organic Cleaning – to protect you and your family
Stain removal – we clean any stain!
Freshness – carpet deodorizing for your carpet freshness

Apart from the thousands of our private residential clients we have serviced and continue to service many offices, studios, galleries, schools, shops, Nurseries, management companies, and many more.

We at ABC Rug & Carpet cleaner believe that the cleaning service we provide must be of a 5 star Quality and we work hard to deliver the results you want. We have the state of the art technology, our technicians are experts in the field with years of experience and necessary know how to commit ourselves to your satisfaction. We provide services to private residential clients and many offices, studios, galleries, schools, shops, Nurseries, management companies, and many more. Understanding our clients’ needs was the key factor that ensured the quality and reliability of our service and helped us grow fast. We are now big enough to offer many different services to private residences and commercial properties within the NY area.

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