How to Design a Booklet Cover

When was the last time you printed booklets for your business? Did it go well? Were the materials just like you expected? Because your booklet printing is an important part of your marketing strategy, it’s crucial that it looks exactly like what you want. It should communicate your message well and give you a good impression. Your products have to be presented well in the pages so your prospects will be encouraged to make a purchase.

Most of the time, the inside pages get all the attention while the booklet cover is left until the last minute. The result is a poor looking material that doesn’t even give you a good first impression. Because first impression is critical, it is important that the cover of your booklet is designed impressively. It should speak to people and entice them to look into the inside pages. Your brand image should also be presented well in the cover to convey credibility and professional. If you can do this, it will be so much easier for you to encourage people not only to look at your products but make a purchase as well.

So, what’s the best way to design a booklet cover? Here are some tips you can consider:

– Color choices. A black and white cover is no longer ideal these days. Most booklets are not printed in full color to make them look enticing and interesting. It may be cheap to print in black and white, but colored materials are most likely to grab attention first. Thanks to modern printing technologies color printing is so much cheaper these days. If you can’t afford full color yet, you can always opt for four-color printing. You can also consider color printing on just one side of the cover to cut on printing cost. Remember though not to sacrifice the quality of your material by cutting so much on printing cost.

– Paper considerations. It’s important that your booklet uses durable and sturdy paper so the pages won’t tear off easily. Even if people skim through the pages a thousand times, the pages should not crumple and tear off. You can consider an 80 pound text cover if you want to keep your booklet light. You can also use recycled paper to save on cost and help show your concern for the environment. Make sure though that the recycled paper you use is still high quality and sturdy to ensure the booklet lasts a long time.

– Design. The cover will be the first thing people will see of your booklet. Make sure that it is designed well so it will give you a good first impression. Use relevant and catchy images that will help present your business in a good light. Although there are booklet templates you can use to design the cover, it would still be best if you come up with a custom design. This will help make your material look unique and noticeable.

– Binding choices. You can choose between Wire-O and saddle-stitch to bind your booklet. Saddle-stitching is cheaper than Wire-O but it will not hold the pages for a long time. If you have a light booklet, saddle-stitching will be ideal, but if you have extra budget opt for Wire-O.

The cover of your booklet should be a reflection of your company. It should represent what your business is as a whole. If the cover looks great, it will be easy for you to create a solid and credible reputation in the minds of your customers.

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