How to Deal With the Relationships of the Different Types People

Either the workplace friends or other environmental friends, if you want to let your relationships in a state of all-conquering, you must learn to deal with all sorts of different kinds of people. Only if you are familiar with the habits of the different types of people in the community, you will control the whole condition. In fact, many of friends only know how to communicate with the people who you have known well them, but for the others types, you may be able to know how to talk with them. For them, this is a very difficult problem, it is not the case.


Stubborn and very mighty people

When you get along with the people who have the ego characters, you should be flexible. General speaking, this kind of people have the musty ideas, but resist suggestions and comments firmly, opinionated and self-righteous. When you face them, it is very different to convince him just depend on you. You may wish to straight to the point, such as list the some mistakes of him in his work and life, and combined the questions which you should solve at present, at the end; you can remind him that maybe these things will produce the serious consequences.


Arrogant person

It is difficult to say whether this kind of people really is low quality reasons or not. As we know, this kind of people are generally self-centered, conceited, and often assumed a domineering, the conceited posture, lack of self-knowledge. When you get along with this kind of people, you do not obsequious; do not be proud anti-proud, you only need to make a short conversation, condensed account of the need to explain things finished. If you ask him to work, it would be another matter.


People who not show their mood on face

This kind of people will not express their favor or disgust through facial expressions, even if you are very polite and greeted him, he will not react accordingly. According to the psychology, this is called expressionless. The expressionless does not mean he did not have emotions, but this kind of people could repress passion, do not show it fills. So, for such a person, you do not need to get angry, you want to say just continue to go on, it comes to the crucial moment, naturally he will use a speech on behalf of expression.


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