How to convert PDF to HTML on Mac with Mac PDF to HTML Converter?

How to convert PDF to HTML on Mac with Mac PDF to HTML Converter?

I have a lot of useful PDF format files and want to share with others on the Web, but I was wondering if anyone knew of an application that would convert PDF to HTML on Mac while keeping the original document layout. I asked for help on the forum and finally got a convenient conversion tool named Mac PDF to HTML Converter. Here I’ll show it to you.

This Mac PDF to HTML Converter is specially designed for those people who want to publish PDF files to Web for sharing with others. With it, you can firstly import PDF files to the Converter, specify the PDF pages to be converted and then click “convert” button to convert PDF to HTML for Mac. In addition, this PDF to HTML Mac Converter can preserve the original layout of text, image, etc. If you don’t need any images, you just need to choose “Ignore images in the PDF” to export HTML web page without any image.

What’s more, it also support partial conversion and batch conversion, it means that you can import multiple PDF documents and convert them to HTML web pages at one time or just specify the page range to be converted. Meanwhile, this Conversion tool is so friendly and convenient that it enables you to customize output HTML web pages. For example, you can choose any page range of PDF source documents to be converted, choose background color, and so on.

Step by step tutorials for you to convert pdf files to Html on Mac:

Step 1. Add pdf files into PDF Converter Pro for Mac

Download, install and run Mac PDF Converter Pro, drag pdf files to the operation panel.

Step 2. Select Output format “Html” on Mac

Choose the right format that you need, here choose “Html”.

Step 3. Start converting

When all settings are done, click the “Convert” button to start convert pdf files.

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