How to Clean the Skin in Summer

For the people who have the oily skin, they can choose cleanser which has strong cleansing ability. You need to pay attention that at this time using the cold water to clean face is not advised. Because of in the summer, people often sweat to sweaty face and skin temperature is relatively high. At this time, if the face was stimulated by the cold water suddenly, it can lead to facial pores to make the pores of oil, and sweat cannot be cleaned out in time. Because of this reason, the oily skin is easier to cause acne. Warm water not only can effectively remove grease, but also will not do make the skin dry.

You should buy a lotion or gel-like refreshing products which are suitable for your personal care. Hyaluronic acid skin care ingredients will be very suitable for people with oily skin. Hyaluronic acid is recognized as the best literature moisturizing ingredients in recent years. According to the study, 1g of hyaluronic acid can absorb 6000g of water (six thousand times more moisture capacity). Hyaluronic acid could remove the oil, at the same time; it can quickly drink plenty of water as quickly as possible for the skin to get “refreshing, moist and not greasy” effect.

Even oily skin people cannot be too dependent on oil blotting paper to get rid of shiny. It is very important to maintain normal sebum secretion for skin protection appropriately. You need to do is stay away from absorbing tissues, reducing the number of times to use it, use some moisturizing spray several times a day, through water and oil balance effect, to alleviate the situation of excessive oil secretion.

Deep clean could clean out the skin and pores dirt and grime and penetrate into the pores to allow sebum accumulation of dirty, aging skin naturally surfaced. When the sweat and oil secretion increase, coupled with the air of dust, the pores are particularly vulnerable to the accumulation of dirt, if they failed to do deep cleaning, dead skin cells will not naturally fall off, resulting in a thick skin surface area, so not only cannot make smooth skin to breathe, more conducive to the absorption of skin care ingredients, directly affect the quality of the skin.


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