How to choose the wireless monitoring and wired monitoring

Monitoring has become an important part to protect our security, monitoring requirements are also more and more, now the emergence of the type of security products is gradually increasing, in addition to wired monitor, wireless monitor on the market.So what is a wireless monitoring? What are the advantages of wireless monitoring and ip control?

Advantages and characteristics of the

wireless monitoring system: in some of the wiring or bad wiring, and efficient use of wireless video surveillance products, to establish a wireless video transmission network, wireless microwave like wireless aerial cable, according to these special environment and monitoring requirements. Comprehensive low-cost, just a one-time investment, the construction is simple, fast, once and for all, without trenching pipe, particularly suitable for outdoor distance of the occasion; in many cases, users are often due to geographical conditions and restrictions of the work, such as mountain special geographical environment of the port and open spaces, causing great inconvenience to the wired network, cable transmission, wiring works, wired construction period is very long, or even impossible to achieve. At this time, the wireless ip camera can get rid of the shackles of cable installation cycle is short, easy maintenance and expansion ability to quickly recover the cost advantages; networking flexibility, scalability, quick to install, no need for new transmission network rollout. and facilities, and easy remote video surveillance. Low maintenance costs, operating costs of one-time investment. System is powerful, flexible use and so on …

Wireless poe ip camera monitoring transmission principle: monitor front-end integrated camera installed in the circular shield, which brought the full range of head. Filmed image is converted into a video signal transmitted to the modulation of the microwave transmitter side, the microwave transmitter to be loaded into the carrier, given by the microwave antenna radiation to the monitoring center.
Wireless security monitoring camera has been introduced in many monitoring, mainly because of the common wireless burglar alarm system can meet the requirements of the wireless transmission; wireless system, you can change at any time to prevent the region and location according to your needs, increase or decrease in the device is also very convenient . Destruction will not prevent the region’s overall appearance, easy to install, easy to operate, and to learn. Traditional wired monitoring advantage is obvious, because it is green special alarm signal transmission is relatively stable, less susceptible to the interference of external factors.

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