How to choose the right Condom Size

Finding the right condom that fits you perfectly can be challenging. You want pleasure and you also want to protect yourself. So how do you choose the right condom size for you? After all you are unique.

You will usually know very quickly if a condom is too small for you as it will feel very tight and uncomfortable. If a condom is too big for you, you will find that it slips on/off very easily. Wearing a condom that is too big for you is a more serious problem than wearing a condom that is to small.

Well known condom brands like Durex Condoms provide size charts and make condoms sizes where the width of the main body is the same as their standard condoms, but head size increase, these size charts can be pretty handy to start. But how do you really know what condom size to choose?

You will need to experiment to find which condom size works best for you, especially because each brand of condom sizes, have their own definition of “ordinary” and “large.” Try to visit adult sex shops or buy condoms online using sites like MyCondom, that sell a large range of individual condoms. Once you’ve bought single or various condoms. Try them privately, both erect and mid-erect to gage the level of comfort and support. My best tip is to find the size that fits you best and continue on with the size of that brands condoms. If you do decide to change the brand of condoms you prefer, follow the steps again and test, trial and experiment with condom sizes.

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