How to Choose the Goal and Direction

A master of deep learning loves to eat clam very much. He has a unique set of method to identify the clam. One day, a disciple of a master was on the way to home, he saw some retailers was selling calms in the market, so that he bought some back.


At the time to prepare dinner, disciple saw master use a clam to knock the other clam. The disciple felt very curious, so he asked the master: “what are you doing?” The master answered that he was discerning which one is the good clam. If the sound is strong, which means the clam is fresh; if the sound is hoarseness, which means the clam is bad. After hearing that, he took one clam to knock another as experience. However, he knocked a dozen, but all of them are the hoarseness. He asked the reason with the doubtable face.


The master smiled. He took a clam to knock the clams which have been experienced by disciple. The result showed that all of them are good.


Then, master said to disciple meaningfully: “the clam which you used to make an experiment is bad. You used the good one to verify the good clam, you could image the result.”


When you do the things, choosing the target and direction is very important. In the life, many people have such confusion: although you pay a lot of time and energy, even you tried you best to fight; the result is that you could gain anything. This is because of from the beginning; you choose the wrong goal and direction. You should know: if you run in the road blindly, you will not get the success, but also will become more and more far from success.


Dear friend, you should know what you want. Actually, the habit is not you really want. Entered into the society, in the first few years, you should let you understand what life you want to. You need to keep trying. Don’t be afraid of hardships and don’t always think about the life of ease. If you paid more in the young age, when you older, you will understand that all the things are worth.


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