How to Boost Your Writing Speed and Create Better Articles

Being able to quickly dash out an article on any topic is all about figuring out how and where you will be coming from. Keep reading to learn how to get the clarity that you clearly need to write articles quickly and easily.

Start with Questions: The simple fact of the matter is that our brains have an easier time thinking and processing information when they are trying to answer a specific or particular question. Your focus is sharper and your thinking is more linear when you’re simply trying to answer a question. Your brain answers an almost endless parade of questions every day and never gets tired of trying to find better and newer solutions. This just goes to prove that your brain is a fantastic tool that can take you everywhere when you put it to good use.

You’ll save yourself a lot of time if you phrase your topic like a question and then simply try to answer it. You do not even need to come up with the questions yourself, you can look through plenty of online sources to find questions and answers. This not only helps make your content more effective, it helps you with the targeting of it. Borrow Ideas from Others: Before you start talking about how it isn’t ethical to copy other peoples’ work, understand that we aren’t talking about stealing copyrighted content from other people. What we are saying is that, to speed up the article writing process, you should have something interesting to write about–something that you are already aware of. What you’re trying to do is ease the burden of thinking on yourself. When you borrow ideas from other people, you know what kind of steps you should be taking to complete the article, rather than getting hit with writer’s block. You can easily find articles written by experts in your niche and elaborate on their ideas, dig deeper into what has already been said, start a debate on what they say in their article or just get inspired to put out your own ideas. Try to keep in mind that staying clear about the ideas you come up with is what will help you maintain your focus later on.

Always Have a Notepad with You: There is no denying that new ideas can come to you at any time; valid and targeted ideas may strike you like a lightning bolt. Logging every one of your ideas that you have and keeping a record of them is something you should not pass up; always have something with you that you can write on, so that you can write down your ideas whenever they come to you. It can become effortless to write articles rapidly, especially since you will have more ideas to pick from, if you have already been keeping track of them somehow. As time goes by, you may generate a long list of ideas for your new articles that you never thought would make a good topic. Furthermore, you can amplify your article writing speed, if you have an array of good ideas not far away, which you can have command over and mix and match in order to put together more excellent articles.

Creating great articles in minutes (without compromising on quality) takes quite a lot of practice so don’t be afraid to really work at it.

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